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Happy May Day and bon weekend from France

Jam jar filled with Lily of the Valley flowers and wound with pink ribbon


I hope that you and yours are well.

1 May, is the Fete du Muguet in France. Muguet means lily of the valley. And for almost 500 years, it’s been a tradition to give these delicate, pretty flowers to those you love, friends and family. It all began in 1561 when King Charles IX was given a sprig on 1st May. He thought it such a lovely idea he gave the flowers to all the ladies of the court for May Day the next year. And the habit became part of French history…

Much as I love Lily of the Valley I don’t have any in my garden. It’s highly poisonous and my chickens, despite my best efforts to enclose them, are like feathered Houdinis. They have big pens, plenty of toys to keep them stimulated, the maid (me) turns up with food on time, cleans up after them and generally spoils them. I even play them music sometimes, they love Lady Gaga! But still the grass is greener.

Not all of them are naughty but nothing stops Mae West and Zsa Zsa Garbor scaling the fence and helping themselves to whatever takes their fancy. Baby lettuces? Oh yes. Rose petals, magnolia blooms and any vegetables are irresistible to this pair. So I don’t take chances with the Lily of the Valley flowers.

Wherever you are, I wish you a very happy May day from my little pigsty in the middle of nowhere, northern France.


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