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How to find a good deal when buying property in France


If you are buying property in France, you will want to know which locations are the most sought after and where you should buy to get the best investment possible. All these questions and more are answered by Home Hunts’ new, free property report INSIDE FRANCE.

The FNAIM (national association of French estate agents) reported a record-breaking 800,000 older properties sold in France in 2015. Although house price falls have started to ease in France, luxury buyer’s agent Home Hunts still experienced 60% more enquiries and sales at the start of 2016, than the year before.

With sales at an all-time high, it is still an excellent time to be buying property in France and INSIDE FRANCE, Home Hunts’ newly-released brochure, equips those looking to buy luxury property with some savvy insights into France’s property market.

Property deals that would have been inconceivable several years ago have been made possible through a combination of reduced house prices, low interest rates and favourable currency pairings, explains the report. These elements have allowed buyers to negotiate deals with vendors during what Home Hunts’ directors Tim Swannie and Francois-Xavier de Vial say was the “year of the deal”.

Free mortgage and tax advice


While irresistible deals are continuing to be made, INSIDE FRANCE features an “expert financial insights” section with opinion from currency and mortgage specialists in France. Tim Yates of Spectrum IFA, a mortgage and financial adviser in France, confirms that interest rates are still as low as they can get, but warns that banks are tightening their lending criteria. “If buyers wish to take out a mortgage, it is better to borrow and buy now than to delay,” he says.

Adam Bobroff, Director of The Foremost Currency Group, agrees that now is still a good time to buy. The continuation of favourable currency pairings, especially for British and American buyers, means that discounts can be achieved on properties purely from the exchange rate. “Those searching for a few years will have seen that a €200,000 property can become £40,000 cheaper, just on exchange rate movements alone,” says Bobroff.

The best locations for buying property in France

buying-property-in-france-cahorsParis, the South West, the Alps, Languedoc, the Riviera and Provence, these are consistently the six areas that are the most coveted by those buying a dream property in France. But what are the most desirable towns and villages in each, and why? INSIDE FRANCE details where to look.

In Paris, some of the most fashionable areas are in the 16th arrondissement, next to avenues Foch and Victor Hugo, and along the Ranelagh gardens. Buyers are mainly looking for long-term investments and are choosing Paris over London where prices are almost three times higher.

Top locations in the French Alps included Morzine, Les Gets and Evian-les-Bains. The report also features an Alpine ski resort focus that gives buyers an overview of the most popular resorts.

On the Riviera, the most coveted locations included Mougins and Valbonne. Both medieval villages, they offer authentic charm, good amenities and are close to several international schools. In Provence, Saint-Rémy-de-Provence is named as one of the best villages for investment as it feels like “real Provence” there, but also has a strong international community.

Narbonne and Pezenas are two out of four locations that attracted the most sales in Languedoc in 2015. Pezenas, not far from the sea, has a strong expat population and Narbonne is offering buyers real value for money. In the South West clients are buying within half-an-hour of Bordeaux, a planned two-hour high-speed train connection to Paris has made this area wildly attractive to those buying property in France.

Investment hotspots

Finding and buying a dream property in France can be a complicated process. But INSIDE FRANCE recommends areas offering investment opportunities to help clients find their perfect property at the right price.

A few examples include villages such as Bormes-les-Mimosas and Carqueiranne in Provence, which offer excellent value for money compared to nearby towns. On the Riviera, price falls inland have made locations such as Biot and Opio popular. “Grasse is also a real hotspot for investment at the moment as millions are being spent redeveloping the centre,” says Swannie.

The Lot is tipped as being a better investment than the Dordogne, and Beziers, in Languedoc, is undergoing a facelift and offering good real estate investment opportunities. Samoëns is also revealed to be the place in the Alps to buy property at the moment.

Transform a hobby vineyard into a successful business


The report’s vineyard focus advises buyers on how and where to find quality vineyards in France. It includes specialist advice from consultant Rory Ramsden who describes how clients can create a strategy to make a vineyard more profitable and where opportunities can be found.

“Buyers should see buying an underperforming vineyard as an opportunity to acquire unrealised value, then optimise both the vines (“viticulture”) and the winemaking process (“viniculture”) to transform the vineyard’s profitability,” says Ramsden, adding that identifying a niche market selling to specialised wine shops and restaurants will make money and increase the vineyard’s value.

If you are in the process of buying a dream property in France, read the latest issue of INSIDE FRANCE and find more properties for sale in France at

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