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How to make Liqueur 44

Coffee beans, chocolate and orange, ingredients for Liqueur 44

This sweet liqueur from Normandy has a long history. It’s said that a Norman Knight whilst on a crusade to the Holy Land was attacked on the 44th day of his expedition by 44 Saracens. They inflicted 44 blows under an orange tree. In his honour the liqueur features 44 coffee beans, an orange pierced 44 times and it’s left to mature for 44 days…

You can buy it ready-made or make it at home…

Recipe for Liqueur 44

1 ½ litre Kilner jar or one similar with a tight screw top lid (you need to get a whole orange in it)
Large orange (if you prefer, you can use a lemon)
1 litre (4.2 cups) of Calvados (apple brandy from Normandy), you can also use other strong alcohols such as brandy, rum or vodka
44 sugar cubes (brown or white)
44 coffee beans (if you have a sweet tooth, you can use 44 squares of chocolate instead)


Place the 44 sugar cubes in the bottom of the jar.

Stab the orange (or lemon) 44 times

If you’re using coffee beans, insert a bean into each of the incisions in the fruit.

If you’re going for the chocolate version, add 44 small squares of chocolate on top of the sugar.

Place the orange (or lemon) on top of the sugar (or chocolate). Pour the alcohol over and screw the lid on.

Shake the jar daily to help the sugar dissolve, but don’t open the jar.

Leave the jar for 44 days in a cool dark place.

It’s traditional to not decant the drink but place the jar on the table and ladle it into glasses.

You can decant the liquid into sterilised bottles, just cut the fruit into slices to store it easily keep airtight until ready to use.

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