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Itinéraire en Provence : Haut-Var, Verdon, Ubaye by Susan Knapp


Beautiful things are lovely to own, and this little book is certainly a gem.

The author originally trained as a fashion and textile designer in the UK. 25 years ago she decided move to the Haut-Var region of France and to work freelance.

In this wonderful country of opportunity she expanded her talents as many people do when they move to another country. Ten years ago she opened an ‘atelier’ or workshop selling her beautiful painted furniture and trompe l’oeil.

A lover of travel, which she finds very inspiring, she has always enjoyed decorating her travel diaries with sketches and drawings. She collected souvenirs along the way, accumulating those special memories of magical moments and things.


Inspired by the beautiful area of France she lives in, she had already produced some lovely postcards of local villages. The decision to publish this book was a natural progression.
Inside, there are seventy six wonderful ‘postcards’ of the Haut-Var, Verdon, Ubaye region. This is a beautiful work of art, each page has been lovingly designed by the author, for whom they are a celebration of beautiful days, discoveries and happy memories.


However, this is not just a lovely book to own, it is also a perfect way to acquire a real feel for the region. Whether you love the architecture, flora and fauna, its wonderful fresh produce, local customs and history, sports or pastimes. Full circle through the year it is possible to become immersed in the pages. As you browse through you can imagine you hear the goat bells in spring as they feed on the flower meadows, smell the lavender flowers as the bees buzz round them in summer, enjoy the wonderful autumn colours and rustling leaves of the forests, or join the skiing crowd in the mountains amongst the snow in winter.


I was lucky enough to visit the Moissac area of France this summer and this book brought my holiday straight back. I loved the striking architecture of the region, the incredible churches, so different from those I see living further up France. The landscape is incredible, beautiful mountains, lakes and forests which are home to such a wide variety of wildlife, and also provide a living for the local farmers with their livestock and the speciality fruit grown in the region.

Whether you are looking to visit the area and seek inspiration for places to visit, or you’ve visited the region and want to have a beautiful memento of your time there, or would like to have a copy of this book purely to enjoy its outstanding beauty and the artistic skill of its author, I can highly recommend it deserves a place on your bookshelf.

Find out more about Susan Knapp: www.susanknappart.com; book available from Amazon, Equinoxe Publishing and local bookstores in Provence.

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