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It’s beginning to feel a bit like Christmas Newsletter from France

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Hope you had a great week. Here in my little French corner there is a debate going on.

Someone in a village close by has put their Christmas lights on already which has really got everyone talking. Normally you wouldn’t even know it was Christmas here in the middle of nowhere until about three days before. Then people might put a holly wreath on the door, perhaps a few lights on a tree in the garden. In my village, temperance with the decorations is the norm. It’s been that way for centuries and no one is about to change it any time soon.

The house in question has lights strung round the windows, in the trees and even has a life-sized blow-up reindeer and sleigh in the front garden with a strangely out of proportion tiny blow up Santa holding onto the reins. Most of the regulars in my local bar are agreed, five weeks before Christmas Day is way too early. Madame the proprietor says that she will be decorating the bar one week before the big day. This does not get anyone excited since her taste is for little plastic Santas placed on tables and the counter. They twitch as if in the throes of some awful disease when you walk past them and tinny, washed out music plays from somewhere within. We all tip toe round the bar in an effort not to set them off.

“Well” says Monsieur Lafont, who likes to think he actually is the font of all knowledge “personally I think they’re a bit crazy to have put their decoration up this early. They won’t last… the first gust of strong wind and that reindeer will be over the trees, up the hill and off to Paris!”.

Whether you’re getting in the festive mood or not, I wish you a very bon weekend.

Bisous from France

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