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Hope you had a good week.  Here in my corner of France we’ve had snow which my cats and dogs don’t like at all. The chickens, ducks and geese aren’t that keen either. Loulou my cat who thinks she is a princess, has hardly moved from her position on the sofa where she lords it over the dogs who have to sleep on giant cushions on the floor.

I’ve been in London all week where it also snowed. It’s so strange that though I lived in London, went to school in London and worked in London for many years, now when I go back I feel like a right old country bumpkin! I’m sure I stare open mouthed at some of the incredible new architecture, I get confused crossing the roads as the cars now seem to be on the wrong side; and there are so many people and cars. I’ve got used to driving to the shop which is 3.5 miles from my village, and I will usually only pass a couple of cars and a tractor. It is natural now to me to greet people as I walk into a shop and actually I did it in London and most people responded with a hello though I did get some funny looks. Londoners don’t really talk to strangers as a general rule – except when it snows. As soon as it started people starting tutting, nodding to each other and saying things like “it’ll be chaos trying to get home tonight”.

Well, I did get home, in time to send you this newsletter and to wish you a very bon weekend,

Bisous from France

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