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Join a free French property and lifestyle Webinar

Leggett Immobillier, France’s biggest English speaking real estate agents, invite you to join a webinar to discover how to find and buy your dream property in France.

Together with Lumon Pay – ‘The French property Currency Specialists’, they’ve joined with experts from the French property and lifestyle industries to create a webinar where all your questions can be answered. If you’re dreaming of moving to France, or of buying that longed for second home, running your dream B&B or simply enjoying the good life, then join us for this informative webinar.

The hour-long webinar is aimed at English speakers everywhere and timed to suit audiences in the US and UK:

Wednesday 15 February

12.00 EST
19h00 CET
18h00 GMT

A panel of experts – including finance, property, rental, currency, insurance, relocation and administration will be present to answer all your questions and help you progress your France dreams.

Click here to book your place (free of course): register.frenchestateagents.com

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