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June is bustin’ out all over!


Well I’m happy to tell you that finally the run of rotten weather we’ve been having here in Pas-de-Calais has broken… The sun came out and the greenhouses warmed up, I had to re-sow all the seeds in the veg patch as the last lot just went soggy and gave up but this new lot came up in days!

A bit of sun brings out the adventurer in all of us – so for me it was off to explore the region where I live and I had such a great time following the windy road of the Opal Coast from Calais Port to Boulogne.  It really was beautiful and so much to see and do that I’ve made plans to go back.  I reckon the view from the Deux Caps, the two cliffs of Calais that face the White Cliffs of Dover, on a stormy day with torrential rain and lightning will be a sight to see.  I just have to persuade the Other Half that a drive to the coast on such a day is worth it – still if Charles de Gaulle chose to go there for his holidays who are we mere mortals to argue! We also went to the market at Hesdin – it is without doubt one of the nicest and most traditional markets I’ve been to and full of mad characters.

Disneyland Paris railway

Disneyland Paris too was on our agenda – It was a fun day but the Grimm news was – the characters were on strike – quel domage. On our way there through Paris, someone tried to cut us up in the usual traffic melee on the roads and when we didn’t let him in – he punched our wing mirror!  It was good to be back in the serene countryside of the Seven Valleys!

In the animal world – all is going well, Belle, Rapunzel and Dicky the ducklings are still in the house as, although they’re growing they’re still too small to go out. Thankfully they are nowhere near as smelly as the chickens were when they were in residence!  The ducklings are really sweet and funny and can definitely hold their own with the cats and like to play (in Paper Paris)!

We’ve published our first book review – Heads Above Water by Stephanie Dagg and we’ll be doing more reviews and interviews with the authors in the coming weeks – all the books will be related to life in France or French things and we’d love to have your recommendations for good French life books (via our Contact Form).

May 30th was Feast Day of St Joan of Arc– did you know that in some places in France a short haircut is still called a coupe à la Jeanne d’Arc?

June’s a busy month for me in the garden but I’ll be making time to go to Boulogne as the Mobile Pompidou Centre is in town and I’m researching an amazing story someone sent me about a Church there and a miracle – I’ll tell you more soon!  There’s lots going on in France in June including the start of the Tour de France when cycling fever grips the nation – check out the Events section details and let us know if there’s anything you think should be added.

In the meantime, wishing you all well.

A bientôt


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