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Key to buying property in France | Home Hunts free market insights report

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Inside France is Home Hunts’ annual, full-colour report, providing analysis, insights and recommendations on how to find the best real estate investment opportunities in France. Free to download, it is packed with useful information and advice to help you secure your dream home in France – stress free and at the right price.

How much has Brexit affected the French property market? Which are the most sought-after locations in France? Where can you invest to make your money go further, and what is the status of interest rates and mortgages?

The answers to these questions and more are available to read in the latest Inside France report from Home Hunts.

With pages packed full of expert opinions and insights, Inside France gives you comprehensive coverage of France’s prime property market and valuable real estate investment guidance.

“Inside France is a culmination of months of research, data and interviews with our consultants, which together provide an informative snapshot of the luxury French property market,” says Tim Swannie, Director of Home Hunts. “We’ve called 2018 ‘the year of surprises’ because despite all the political turmoil and fewer Brits buying holiday homes in France, the French property market is as strong as it was the year before, and prices are rising across the country.”

The property market has experienced an increase in buyers from the United States, the Middle East and China over the last 18 months. Inside France shows that property prices increased by around 5% in Paris in 2018. Marseille’s increased by around 7% and Bordeaux by almost 8%.

Where to find good real-estate investments in France

The six territories that Home Hunts analyses each year are: the Riviera, Provence, Paris, the Alps, Languedoc and the South West. Home Hunts’ clients find these areas the most desirable overall, so Inside France highlights the important changes, trends and investment opportunities that buyers can take advantage of within each.

For real estate investors looking to buy in to one of these areas, pages 3, 4 and 5 in this year’s Inside France are must-read articles that provide location lowdowns and where to find the best deals.

Such as: on the Riviera, buyers looking for property along the coast should consider Nice. Ongoing improvements to the city’s public transportation network will bring significant benefits to homeowners and increase the property’s value and rental income.

“They are just finishing the tram that will link up Nice airport and the city, which is really increasing interest in the area,” explains Tim. “You can literally land at the airport and walk out straight on to a tram and be downtown in ten minutes.”

There is also an article dedicated to Arles, a thriving town located between Montpellier and Marseille that is going through a real-estate renaissance. Famously where Van Gogh cut off his earlobe, Arles is becoming a cultural hub with world-renowned architect Frank Gehry designing the eye-catching, aluminium-clad Luma Tower. Located at an old railway yard, when it opens in 2020 its unique facade will symbolise Arles’ regeneration.

Exchange rates and currency fluctuations are discussed in detail on page 8. With market insights provided by Home Hunts’ partners at International Private Finance and the Foremost Currency Group, readers will finish this article feeling well informed. Changes to keep abreast of, whether interest rates will rise and foreign exchange rate matters – particularly EUR/GBP – are all covered in this specialist section.

If you are considering contacting Home Hunts, but aren’t sure what services a buyer’s agent offers then reading “behind the scenes”, a feature based on an interview with Home Hunts’ consultant Amy Bault, is a comprehensive eye opener. Managing the Riviera team, you can read what’s involved for Amy and the team of consultants each day and just how time and effort they put in to finding their clients’ dream house.

You’ll learn that not only is every single property clients are interested in inspected by their consultants first, to check it’s worth an official visit from a client, but also there is no end to the support.

Once the sale is made, Home Hunts offers advice and help to clients across all services and situations. “There’s no time frame for this,” says Amy. “I still have clients that call me after three years if they have a problem – many don’t speak French, and as we live in the area I’m always around to help if they require support.”

You can download Inside France 2019 for free here, but if you would like to search for luxury properties in France you can visit and call +33 (0)970 44 66 43 to speak directly with a Home Hunts consultant.

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