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Learn French – with online news-based lessons

There are so many options for learning French online – internet lessons, apps, CDs, books, and more. One of the most interesting ways to learn is through news-based lessons from Newsdle. You’re not just learning the language, you’re learning about the country too in an up to date way. Don’t expect clichéd words and phrases, do expect contemporary phrases, the latest news and fascinating articles about France. You can choose the genres that interests you from a wide ranging list of topics including cultural, history, sports etc. And the lessons are at different levels- from foundation up to advanced.

We asked Newsdle to tell us more about how Newsdle works:

Online news-based French Lessons

All of our lessons are news-based, and written by native French teachers. Designed to be current, and written with social currency in mind, our ever-expanding library will allow you to find any topic you find interesting. The best way to learn French is through something you’re interested in! We add up to 6 lessons daily, so there’s always something new at your level to read.

Comprehension Questions

All new Newsdle lessons will feature between 4 and 6 comprehension questions to help you test your understanding and learn French through testing. Comprehension exercises are automatically graded, so you don’t need to worry about someone marking your work!

Spoken Audio for Every Article

You can learn French simply by listening! Each lesson comes complete with native audio spoken with a variety of French accents, at a speed that’s in-line with your targeted level.

Interactive Live Dictionary

Don’t know a word? Use the Live Dictionary – it includes audio. Save words to your personal Word Bank and learn French words at any time. There’s no excuse not to learn a new French word!

Grammatical Explanations

Unlike any other news-based graded reader, Newsdle offers a complete level-targeted list of grammatical explanations for every lesson. Grammar is made fun and relevant with contextualised examples. Learn French grammar in every lesson!

Cross Platform Synchronization

Newsdle fully synchronises across all devices: Website, iOS and Android. This includes user data, bookmarks, personal Learning Hub and Word Bank. Learn French in the library and on the bus, and all your data between devices will be saved!

Try Newsdle’s sample lessons to try before you buy and if you sign up, get 25% off with the code: goodlife25

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