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Leggett Opens Commercial Property Agency in France

In 2017 the Financial Times recognised Leggett Immobilier as one of Europe’s top 10 fastest growing property consultancies.

Now, the award-winning agency is opening a commercial property consultancy, specialising in hotels, vineyards and general commercial property.

Hotels, vineyards and general commercial property for sale in France

Leggett CEO, Graham Downie, has 25 years’ experience with blue chip agencies such as Savills & Chesterton International plc. He comments:

“The team has already built a property portfolio of around €4.5bn, ranging from a 10,000m2 plot next to Orly airport to a €200m development in central Paris. With agents based in Paris and Lyon we are active in the two main French cities. Our clients know that we can also call upon the 450 residential agents, spread right across France, to source opportunities that mainstream consultancies would never see.

From a foreign investor’s point of view, Macron has forcefully put France back on the map. He is rolling out his red carpet in Paris and promoting policies designed to attract foreign investment and to give the economy a much-needed boost.

The bill to make the labour market more flexible, passed with remarkably little opposition, has been welcomed, as has the budget bill cutting corporate tax from 33% to 28% and then down to 25% in 2022.

The wealth tax, a relic of the Mitterrand era, has been limited to a property tax to encourage entrepreneurs to return to France. Tax breaks – a 70% cut – for those owning assets of more than €1.3m are the icing on the cake.​”

​You can see further details at: www.frenchestateagents.com/commercial

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