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Living History in a French Chateau


France is blessed with many castles and palaces, often in stunning locations, all full of history. Not just relics of the past, these days it’s possible for us to experience living history in a French chateau…

The Loire Valley (Vallée de la Loire), two hours southwest of Paris, is home to more than 300 châteaux. With miles of vineyards, criss crossed by rivers and dotted with quaint villages, it isn’t hard to see why Kings and noblemen chose this location to create pleasure palaces.

The Dordogne in the south west of France is also home to many castles – it’s called the land of 1001 chateaux but some say there are actually as many as 1500 in this lush green region.

From the north to the south, the east to the west, there are literally thousands of chateaux in France and many of these treasures offer accommodation, from bed and breakfast to fully fledged hotels… some even offer self-catering so you can be your own lord or lady of the manor.

Take a look at six of the best luxury chateaux chosen by French Chateau holiday specialists Oliver’s Travels including the stunning Chateau Le Brun in the Loire Valley (above), once owned by the Finance Minister of Louis XIII and Louis XIV, and check out their special offers too!


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