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Locals Guide to: Bordeaux

Intercontinental Bordeaux - Le Grand Hotel

We asked Anthony Deperi who lives and works in Bordeaux, about his favourite places in the sunny city. Originally from Alsace, he loves to explore the charms and secret places of Bordeaux.

Discover the places the locals love in Bordeaux…

Favourite Bordeaux bar?

Rooftop bar of the Intercontinental Bordeaux - Le Grand Hotel at sunset

My favourite bar is the Rooftop Yacht Club at the Grand Hotel. It’s the perfect place to enjoy delicious cocktails with a great view over the rooftops Bordeaux. You can see all the emblematic figures of the city including the fabulous Opera House.

Favourite Bordeaux restaurant

As an unconditional fan of Italian cuisine, I always turn to Osteria Palatino from the Big Mamma group. They have a super menu with a great variety of dishes, and on top of that, you get an immersive experience with the friendly waiters with their authentic Italian accents. Pure dolce vita – Bordeaux style.

Where would you go with friends after work for an aperitif and to relax?

My favourite place is Le Vertige. It’s a wine bar with hundreds of wines. The staff are lovely, it feels like you’re visiting friends. It’s right in the centre of town, so it’s easy to get to.

What is your favourite place to go to on a Sunday afternoon?

Sandy beach at Arcachon

I love going to the Bassin d’Arcachon seaside resort on the Atlantic coast, home to the Dune de Pilat, the tallest sand dune in Europe. It doesn’t matter whether it’s summer or winter, you rediscover the richness of the region. In summer, you can enjoy the fine sandy beaches, oyster tasting and water sports. And in winter explore the town, and maybe go horse-riding, it’s never that cold! It’s less than an hour by train from the centre of Bordeaux and there are around 20 trains a day.

Favourite cultural venue?

Bordeaux Wine Museum

Of course, at the Cité du Vin.  The permanent tour is immersive and interactive helps you discover so much about wine. And there are always new, temporary exhibitions.

Where would you go to enjoy a picnic in the city?

The Jardin Public is the green lung of Bordeaux, a huge garden with flowers that smell lovely and shady trees. When the weather is good, you can spend a whole day there and hardly notice the passing of time!

Favourite cake shop

I take all my friends to the coffee shop, PNP – Personne N’est Parfait. These are healthy and delicious desserts that make you want to eat so much. I love to go here for a hot drink and snack for le gouter (snack time) – it’s the best time of the day. I can’t say no to a cannelé, my favourite is from La Toque Cuivrée.

If you want to get out of the city for a day – where would you go?

View of houses and main square of Saint-Emilion Bordeaux

Saint-Emilion is the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of Bordeaux and discover a new landscape. Situated 40 minutes from Bordeaux, this delightful medieval village in the heart of the famous Bordeaux vineyards is unique due to the size of its vineyards, the quality of its wines and the majesty of its architecture and monuments.

Best place for shopping in the city?

Bord’Eau Village is a place where there is always something going on. It’s a destination in itself. A place to shop but also to meet people and stroll along the river Garonne.

Favourite event held in Bordeaux?

Promenade of the River Garonne in Bordeaux set up for the Fete du vin - flowers and barrels

That’s easy – it’s Bordeaux Fête Le Vin! This year it was my first time to go, and it’s a fabulous fun event that brings together the locals as well as visitors to the city to enjoy great wine. At this event you’ll “follow” the iconic wine route through the different villages of the appellations, and you’ll taste delicious Bordeaux wines. There’s a really friendly atmosphere, beautiful sailing boats that are open to visitors, festive and pretty rest and meeting areas, a regional gastronomic delights on offer and cultural and festive activities spread throughout the festival.

Anthony Deperi is the marketing and communications executive at the Intercontinental Bordeaux – Le Grand Hotel.

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