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Bonjour to you all!

Yesterday (20th March that is if you’re reading this later in time!) was the first day of Spring in France and in the north it was a bit overcast and a bit damp. We’ve had glorious weather all week so it was a shame that on the morning when we were to enjoy a solar eclipse all that happened was the clouds got in the way. Oh well, yesterday was also International Day of Happiness so we can’t let a bit of weather get us down.

It was also the Day of the Macaron – I kid you not! Yes, around the world yesterday the macaron was celebrated, mainly by eating one. I won’t say the humble macaron because clearly they are not humble – they are the little celebrities of the patisserie and cake world and they like to take centre stage! Lots of bakeries took this as an opportunity to raise funds for charity so we could eat the naughty but nice little cakes and feel good too – rest assured I did my bit!

On The Good Life France Facebook page we celebrated in style with lots of gorgeous photos and a give-away of a brilliant book called “Mad About Macarons!” that teaches you how to make macarons at home – and make them perfectly, like an expert. I’ll let you know who won in next week’s newsletter.

We had a Provence Day on Thursday on Facebook and loads of people shared their wonderful photos – look out for them in a photo album coming up! You’ll be able to vote for your favourite which will be published in our next magazine!

Wishing you all a very bon weekend,
Bisous from France

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