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My French Life: Karl Lagerfeld’s cat, a true story


Choupette Karl Lagerfeld

The big fashion news here in France is that Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel’s head designer, has a cat – and he is obsessed with the nine month old Persian kitten he calls Choupette.  Monsieur Lagerfeld is definitely what you might call a cat person.  I am a cat person too (and a dog person) but my cats certainly don’t get treated like Monsieur Lagerfeld’s precious puss.

Karl Lagerfeld’s cat is a little bit spoiled, no I’m exaggerating here – she is a lot spoiled!

Choupette has her own personal maid – strike that – she has TWO personal maids – one to take care of her every need during the day, and one for the night.  The maids keep a diary of Choupette’s actions…mmmm that must be fun.

Choupette must not be petted with human hands – even the fashion legend himself must wear gloves to touch the precious animal.

Choupette has her own Ipad and the designer claims that she knows how to use it.  She apparently tweets, every day.  Yup, Choupette is on Twitter and in little under a month has picked up almost 50,000 followers. She entertains her followers with such witticisms as “Maid, I request a swarovski crystal encrusted laser pointer to chase. Fetch me one MEOW!” and “Don’t be confused, Daddy gushes more over me than he does Kate Middleton. There’s only room for ONE princess in the Lagerfeld chateau” – the mind boggles at the thought of Monsieur Lgerfeld gushing over his cat.

Choupette sleeps on a pile of Chanel clothes (not really, I made that up!) – she has a special pillow though.

Choupette eats at the table though not from the same plate as her “Daddy”. I’m betting she’s not fed on cheap dried stuff like mine!  I think she probably has smoked salmon for breakfast, foie gras for lunch and chicken in a creamy sauce for dinner. (I want to be Karl Lagerfeld’s cat!).

Don’t expect a new range of feline fashion though – Monsieur Lagerfeld thinks it’s awful to dress animals up in human clothes – he says it would be like the circus!

The end…..

A bientôt


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