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My French Life: Kiss me Goodnight Sergeant Major

Just a quick post today as thrillingly we are plastering the sitting room!  After almost a decade of having and latterly renovating a house in France its starting to become a home and the big sitting room which is being plastered over the course of a week by yours truly and her sidekick the OH is taking shape!

This is good news, great news in fact.  We have pretty much completed the upstairs of the house – just a floor to lay on the landing and a bit more painting but nothing major. Downstairs is a bit woeful though. The breeze block walls are covered in plasterboard now but that’s as far as most of its got.

The bad news – as I am chief bucket washer and go-fer and he is the craftsman in that he does the real work of putting plaster to wall – he gets to choose the music that keeps us going. Today’s riveting choice includes “Songs that helped us win the war”.  I bought this CD for him years ago as a Christmas tree gift as a bit of a laugh.  Much to  my displeasure he actually loves it and plays it – a lot. He is singing “Kiss me Goodnight Sergeant Major” at the top of his voice along with Arthur Askey. Every now and again a loud air raid siren plays in between songs. I just hope the elderly neighbours don’t hear it and think that the village is being invaded again.

If you want to hear it, pop on YouTube and search for Arthur Askey singing his famous wartime ditty “Kiss me Goodnight Sergeant Major”!

A bientôt


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