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My French Life: Say Cheese – it could take years off you!


Scientists at a British biotech company have been investigating the properties of smelly French cheese Roquefort. They claim that their studies reveal that the cheese has super anti-inflammatory qualities and that eating it could delay the ageing process.

The scientists at Lycotec have suggested that eating Roquefort could be the reason for the low rate of cardiovascular disease in France because its anti-inflammatory properties react so well in the acidic condition of the stomach.

Not only does it help you stay beautiful on the inside but the company are considering beauty products with a Roquefort tang.

I have to say – I am a little sceptical about this. They’re saying they’ll take away the distinctive smell but I can’t say that a lipstick with Roquefort in it appeals to me that much. On the other hand, if they make a foundation of Roquefort (sans the blue veins) that they say will make me look ten years younger – I’ll probably go for it! Heck, I’d cover my whole body in it for ten years younger!

A bientôt


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