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My French Life: Thinking about buying a car at the Paris auctions

Cars auctioned Bonhams Paris

The Retromobile Vintage Car show at the Grand Palais ended recently and was followed by an auction of 125 of the most amazing vintage cars, 100 motor bikes and even a plane at Bonhams of Paris.

Buyers with plenty of money today had the chance to buy unique museum pieces, fabulous vehicles with a celebrity past such as the Ferrari that had once belonged to John Lennon or an Aston Martin that was once in the garage of a king.  The ages of the vehicles on sale range from the 19th Century to the late 1980s and include a 1920’s Gipsy Moth plane by De Havilland that has been used in numerous films including “Out of Africa”.

I thought about going and buying the 1960s Aston Martin DB that is the only one of its kind ever built – going for up to $6m. But, our road is a bit muddy what with all the tractors that go up and down every day so I changed my mind!

There was a Rolls Royce Phantom Playboy Roadster that I thought would look very nice parked in the front garden but really it was the wrong colour and clashed with our tractor.

I was extremely tempted to go for the the Grand Prix Bugatti with the biggest engine ever produced by Bugatti at 300h.p. at $5m but the OH says that I already don’t know when I’m driving too fast in our old Kia Sorrento and I thought it better to not tempt fate.

Perhaps next year they will have something more suitable for moi…

A bientôt


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