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My French Life: Visit to the Coiffeuse

Worzel Gummidge

So, yesterday I nipped into Le Touquet town to get my hair done. I usually have it done in London as I used to be there a lot more but these days I’m there far less and never seem to have the time to get my hair done when I am.

I tried a couple of local hair dressers when I first came to France. Let’s just say that some are not as good as others and none of them were great. It’s been a very long time since I had highlights done with a swimming cap with holes in and a crochet hook!

Le Touquet though is a bit swish. It is known as the St Tropez of the north and is the weekend coastal get away for lots of swanky Parisian types so I figured they must have great hairdressers there.

I wasn’t wrong. Atelier Coiffeur at 19 Rue de Metz was great and my lovely coiffeuse Elise gave me some really good advice, suggested changes that I am really pleased with and it was way cheaper than having it done in London. I’d taken my list of hairdressing terms that I might need but Elise speaks really good English so we had no problems! I went in looking like Worzel Gummidge – without the beard of course (a TV series featuring a scarecrow in case you don’t know him!) and came out looking sleek and sophisticated. That is until I got home and had to make a hat out of a McDonalds paper bag to get from the car to the front door and not have the rain totally ruin my new do.

Anyway, sometimes unexpected things happen to me when I’m out and this day was no exception. Sitting in the hairdressers, Elise asked me if I liked the book I was reading – “A Celebration of Olives” by Carol Drinkwater (I’m reviewing it prior to interviewing her – and yes, it’s great). We had a conversation about books and she said “my boss has written a book “and went and got a copy. The boss came in and we got to talking. It turns out he is a very special ex-cop – in 25 years in the police force he made 7000 arrests! Blimey! He wrote about his experiences and what the Paris underworld is all about and kindly gave me a copy of his book Le Flag and autographed it from “Le Flic”. I am thrilled and will try to read it. A lot of it is colloquial and quite difficult for me but I am so intrigued that I’ll do it eventually.

Now I’ve found Atelier Coiffeur I am aiming to be far less Worzel and far more Le Glossy – look out!

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