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My French Platter by Annemarie Rawson

Annemarie is a New Zealander who collects new ‘best friends’ wherever she goes. In her 50’s she and her husband, Steve, packed up their house, rented it out, kissed family and friends goodbye and moved 12,000 km to South West France to work as estate managers for several private families – swapping corporate, city life for animal husbandry and the French countryside. Their adventures make for a great, fun read that will have you longing to go to, or return to France…

Not all streets on your journey are paved with gold!

Annemarie and Steve’s imagination of what they would find in France didn’t match the reality. Their journey is filled with passion and determination and although tinged with sadness and frustration, their strength carries them through and makes it all worth it to fulfil their dreams. You’ll find yourself hoping for good news and for things to go their way, willing them to succeed. And for their horrible bosses to receive their dues. We won’t spoil it by telling you why, but we’re pretty sure you’ll agree with that sentiment when you read the tale. The couple are however made of strong stuff. Their patience holds out and they leave with dignity and pride intact to move on to a venture bigger and better.

Finding the joie de vivre in France

Along the way they make friends, learn about France and discover a love of the French joie de vivre, beautiful little villages, wonderful gastronomy.

Annemarie’s honest writing style pulls you in. She writes eloquently and easily, like a friend chatting to you. And she makes it feel like you are watching this all happen from over her shoulder, baguette in one hand, glass of wine in the other.

The delicious recipes for the meals and treats that Annemarie prepared for their guests softens the blow of the book coming to an end. It’s an inspirational, humorous and cosy read, perfect escapism and catnip for lovers of France…

You’ll definitely want to find out what comes next…

My French Platter: A Journey to a Dream Life in France is available on Amazon in paperback and e-book and at all good bookshops on request. My French Platter Replenished is due out mid 2021.

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