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Nausicaa Boulogne new for 2014

nausicaa touch poolOn 26 June 2014, NAUSICAA Boulogne the French National Sea Centre, is inaugurating a new exhibition about oceanographic research. Visitors can step aboard a mock up of the Thalassa, the oceanographic research vessel belonging to the French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea (Ifremer). Wild seas off the coast of Scotland, crashing waves, a sudden gust of gale-force wind as you turn the corner of a deck, the deafening throb of the engines, windscreen wipers on the portholes in the bow to sweep away sea spray, pitching and tossing on the bridge – these are some of the thrilling experiences awaiting visitors as they step into the mock-up of the Thalassa’s bridge.

In the new exhibition, NAUSICAA’s visitors have a unique opportunity to experience an oceanographic research trip on board the Thalassa. From stepping aboard at the quayside to a view of a cabin, from the dragging of the trawl net to the fish sorting room, they will be given an insight into the work of the scientists on board and see various areas of the Thalassa in real-size mock-ups. This will help them to understand how the results of an oceanographic research trip allow for more accurate assessments of the state of natural resources and, as a result, more effective fisheries management.

Mainland France has 5,500 km of coastline. With some sixty fishing harbours, 40 fish auctions,

23 producer organisations and 560 seafood trading and processing companies, the fisheries sector (from ship to plate) has huge economic importance for the country. As the largest fishing harbour and centre of seafood processing in France, Boulogne-sur-Mer takes centre stage in this new exhibition at NAUSICAA.

A brand new layout for the touch tank area

Visitors will also see a new tank and a new layout of exhibits around the redesigned touch tank. Everyone will love the chance to stroke a ray or other fish that love the contact.

A new bistro with a breath-taking view of Cap Blanc-Nez and Cap Gris-Nez provides a great way of rounding off a visit.

Find our more on the Nausicaa website: www.nausicaa.co.uk

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