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New Driving Rules in France – In Car Breathalyser Kits NOT Required

Don’t be caught out by new Driving Rules in France.

The French Government announced in 2012 that all drivers in France will be required by law to carry a disposable breathalyser kit (etholytest voiture) from 1 July 2012. Officials in France claimed that ensuring that drivers have the ability to self test their alcohol level before setting off on a car journey will cut the accident rate.

However as at January 2013 this ruling has not been enforced and looks like it may not ever happen. It appears that the Government stance is now that insufficient testing has been carried out on the potential results of forcing all drivers to purchase and carry self breathalyser kits and, having made the announcement, kits sold rapidly meaning that many drivers could not source them in the first place.

We’ll keep you posted as we find out more but for the time being at least this one is not a legal requirment.

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