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I hope you had a good week. Here in my little of bit of France which I call the middle-of-nowhere since some days I don’t see another human being (if you don’t count the other half) and can drive for miles without passing a car – it’s been a quiet and industrious week.

After several years of renovation to my old bargain basement house, I’m feeling like we’re on the home run. Like all “bargains” this one had hidden costs – like needing to replace 37 windows. We also had to renovate every room including laying concrete bases in some rooms which had earth floors – it was after all originally a cow barn. We’ve done all the work ourselves, the other half and me AKA “gofer” as my job is to “go fer this and go fer that”. It seems almost miraculous to me that our relationship has survived, as renovating in the middle-of-nowhere is stressful at times and we’ve had some real humdinger rows about every stage of this job. We’ve learned to laugh at the bad stuff like him being electrocuted and me breaking fingers and toes dropping bricks on them – it’s the only way to get through. But finally, we have a list of jobs that fits on one page. Of course it might take another two years to get to the end of that list but it feels good to be looking at one page instead of an entire book load of jobs!

Meanwhile the cold spell continues here in France and the wild birds I feed are now arriving in huge numbers. With 6 cats I have to be careful about where I put bird food so I’ve erected a feeder post in the dogs’ pen. The cats don’t like to enter, except for Hank Marvin He’s Always Starvin’ who likes to sleep in the dog hut when they’re not there, but with just one eye and a weird sense of balance, he’s no threat to his winged adversaries.

Wishing you a very bon weekend
Bisous from France

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Photo: view of my village, the trees are filled with clumps of mistletoe and mole holes litter the hills!

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