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Newsletter February 2012 (3)

Chocolate from France

What a week we’ve had here at The Good Life France, we’re revamping and making the site easier to use as we’ve got so much information now – so if you’ve seen a bit of moving and grooving going on -apologies and please bear with us a bit longer, we think you’ll love the fruits of our labour!

Just because that’s all going on in the background doesn’t mean that we’ve been putting our feet up and watching the tech team work – we’ve had a mega few days with absolutely loads of great new features.

Here’s a roundup of all our favourite  bits:

French Dog book review – if you love dogs and France then this book will really excite you! Rachel McKenna is a photographer who put Dogs and France together to create a sublime book which I am convinced induces feelings of well-being!

L’Estaminet de l’Andouiller: We went to a restaurant in Douriez, Pas de Calais where the chef cooks a hog roast in the middle of the restaurant and makes you feel like a valued friend.

French Etiquette and Tipping in France:  Do you kiss or shake hands? Do you tip a waiter or not? And what about a taxi driver? We tell you the answers!

Learn French: Our quick and easy tips to help you – things like writing your shopping list out in French or starting a group at work where you all agree to speak French for the first 15 minutes at lunch time!

Public holidays: Don’t get caught out by a public holiday in France – check before you arrive as most of the shops, transport and even some museums might be closed.

We asked you to share your favourite photos that you’ve taken in France and so many brilliant photos have been pouring in through our Facebook page. We’ve had photos from all over the world and this week they’ve inspired us to look at Chartres Cathedral and Angelina’s Tearoom in Paris.

I’ve also been writing about some of the most beautiful things I see in France: from gorgeous windows in French houses to Haut Couture, from antiquing to the Belle Époque

For anyone in the Lille area – next weekend is the Salon du Chocolat – a must for chocolate fans (the newsletter photo this week is just for you) and I’ll definitely be there to report back to those who can’t make it!

Bon weekend mes amis…

A bientôt


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