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Hope you had a good week and have a lovely weekend planned…

Here in my corner of France in the last week we’ve had snow (yes snow!), hailstones, heavy rain, blue skies and warm sunshine. My two geese Florence and Delilah have continued to sit calmly on their eggs throughout, though Rocky the rescue duck who refuses to share a pen with anyone, came in out of the cold and has been sleeping in the cats outdoor house!

This was probably the wrong week to pick to dig up the front garden but seeing as the fence posts fell down – there wasn’t a real choice. With farm animals occasionally wandering about in this part of rural France, putting up a new fence suddenly took priority. A while back I was sitting in the kitchen having a cup of tea (you can take the girl out of London!), and, as I sat there looking out the garden and day dreaming, I suddenly saw a cow walking about on my vegetable patch snuffling up everything in sight; she’d come in through the open gates. I dashed off to the farmer up the road to let him know one of his girls had escaped and I can tell you it wasn’t easy shifting her – she was really into my baby broad bean plants!

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With best wishes and hope you have a Happy May Day on Sunday, where in France it’s tradition to give Lily of the Valley plants to your loved ones. Apparently in the mid-16th century, French King Charles IX gave Lilly of the Valley flowers to the ladies of the court and the tradition spread!

Bisous from France,

ps the photo was taken in Luxembourg Gardens about 2 weeks ago as the sky cleared after heavy rain and left everything sparkling!

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