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Hope you all had a great week.

Here in my bit of France we had snow, sleet, hailstones, rain and lovely warm sunshine – spring is springing all over. Daffodils are in bloom besides Snow Drops, Blue Bells are coming up and fruit trees are starting to blossom – even here in the north!

I’ve been out the garden tidying up my greenhouse ready to plant seeds for the year ahead. I took a few chickens and ducks in there with me to get rid of any bugs while I worked. They loved it and looked around cooing in wonder, I guess it looks like a Crystal Palace to them! My next door neighbour popped his head over the fence and shook it when he saw me chatting away in French to the birds. I like practicing with them, they never correct me, put their heads on one side to listen intently and seem to enjoy it when I say “saperlipopette”! It is an old French word that means “Holy Cow” or “By Jove”. This definitely got my neighbour scratching his head when he heard me say that, I like to think he feels I have improved, though I sometimes say “zut alors” which makes him laugh!

I’ve still had time to make sure there’s loads for you to read on the website though, some terrific features and as always great photos!

Wishing you all a bon weekend,
Bisous from France in my garden!

Fabulous stuff on the website this week

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