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Newsletter from France, April’s here!



Hope you had a good week!

With Spring being sprung here in France I’ve been out and about and yesterday I went to lovely St Valery-sur-Somme on the bay of the Somme, the sky was blue, the sun shone, it was a perfect Spring day. I’ll be telling you more about my visit soon – what a gorgeous, historic little town it is.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, one of my chickens has a bad foot which the other girls were pecking (they are so mean sometimes) so she’s been separated from them in her own pen. The poor thing has been subject to intense glaring from her bird buddies, it’s almost as if they’re clucking “who does she think she is, in there with all that space and a spanking new penthouse henhouse”. We had to make her a little coop to sleep in but not too high up as she’s hopping about and I didn’t want her falling off a ladder!

I’ve welcomed two new stray cats to join the six I already have. Little Socks is a girl with a wonky head, she’s a tiny black cat with white feet (hence the name!). She walks with her head tilted far to one side but she’s a happy, friendly little thing after months of me feeding her on the window sill. Her best friend One Ear is a ginger tom with one ear up and one ear permanently folded over, he is a lovely boy who purrs like an engine when he sees me. I’ve promised no more cats in the house so I’ve built them a little house outside, complete with cushions and blankets. However, Rocky the rescue duck has taken to escaping the pen every day to lay an egg in there. She’s very tame having spent her first weeks living in a box at the side of my desk and not remotely bothered by cats or dogs or humans for that matter. My neighbours are starting to refer to my little house as “Le Zoo”!

Best wishes and bisous from France,

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