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Newsletter from France September 2016



Hope you had a great week! I had a busy week that’s for sure. With La Rentrée, the return to work and school in France, comes renewed vigour and enthusiasm from tourist offices and PRs from all over France. This means my inbox has been full of emails about fab new events, openings and festivals – of course I’ll be popping the best of them on the website for you!

I’ve also been to London for a couple of days to find out more about skiing in France – what’s new, what’s hot and what’s absolutely brilliant. More on that soon.

Unfortunately when I got back to France one of my cats, Hank Marvin He’s Always Starvin’ wasn’t well. He’s never been a healthy cat, I found him on my birthday a couple of years ago, he was just a few weeks old. He had a terrible eye infection which left him blind in one eye and was a little savage. He bit me so hard his teeth went through my finger nails. He was truly a pathetic little bundle and absolutely starving – hence the name. I managed to get him to calm down enough to get him to the vets where we discovered he had a virulent form of cat flu which would never be cured and they were sure he wouldn’t live for long. He’s two years old now, a really affectionate cat who would rather have a cuddle than eat and he’s often unwell but this time he has a serious respiratory problem so he’s in the cat hospital and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my little feline fighter pulls through.

The rest of my extended animal family are all fine (all 72 of them – dogs, cats, birds and hedgehogs!) and seem to be loving the morning chill and day time sunshine, autumn is definitely on the way.

Wishing you a very bon weekend and bisous from sunny France

Don’t miss on the website this week:

If you love a good read Beginning French by Les Americains is a great book, the story of Americans who “lost their hearts and their senses” when they fell in love with a house in France. Warning – it will make you want to move to France or start cooking French cuisine! Read our review and enter the contest in the Magazine (link above) to win a copy…

5 off the beaten track things to see in Paris – discover the house of a medieval alchemist who appeared in a Harry Potter story and more quirky, off the beaten track places to visit in the city of light.

The Old Town of Cannes – colourful, vibrant and oh so cool Cannes has bucket loads of charm.

Villa Cavrois – an art deco gem and an incredible restoration project by the Monuments Nationaux in France. With its crisp lines this 1930s house near Lille looks like a drawing come to life.

5 Historical facts about French Cuisine – surprising and fun facts!

A shout out for knitters! Help to make a world record in France as giant teapot owners attempt to make the world’s biggest tea cosy for charity! They need more squares to complete this mammoth task & would love you to join in!

How to make your pension go further – if you’re a British expat in France read  how our finance expert partners offer advice to help you make your money work harder for you by making savings on the exchange process.

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