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The River Loire, Blois, Loire Valley


Well it’s time to whip off your woollies and celebrate because summer has at last arrived, ushered in by lots of rain in many parts of France!

I spent the last week in the Loire Valley where, after terrible flooding just days before, the sun was out drying everything up and all was back to it’s normal beautiful self (photo above is last Thursday’s sunset over the River Loire at Blois).

I got home and found a lone duckling had hatched the day before, its mum didn’t want to know at all. He (I don’t know what it is but I call it he) was clearly very sad and lonely on his own, not eating or drinking, just sitting quietly. So I dashed to the local garden centre to see if I could get him a friend, they had no baby birds, I went to the local farm, same story. Finally one of my lovely neighbours came up trumps and gave me a 10 day old duckling, quite a bit bigger than mine. I put them in the cage together, a bit worried in case there was a fight, but the little one ran over and snuggled up, and within minutes they were grooming each other and the big one showed the little one how to eat and drink. So, two more ducks to my ever growing flock! (You can see a photo of them here in my post Summer Ducklings).

I don’t know what to call them so if you have any ideas feel free to post on my FB timeline!

And, finally, please enjoy the latest articles on the website, below.

With best wishes,
Bisous from France

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