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A huge BIG welcome to new subscribers and rebonjour to all friends who are not so new.

Rebonjour is a real term. It means hello again or welcome back and it’s used when you’ve already seen someone and said bonjour and then you see them again in the same day, not really completely accurate to use it in the newsletter since I haven’t spoken to you since last week but you know what I mean!

Hope you like the Bon Weekend photo – it’s a French Selfie Stick! It was shared with us by one of our Facebook friends, Josephine Staunton, and its been one of our most shared photos this month and I’m predicting a swarm of copycat pics!

This weekend I’m packing my Princess Dress as I’m off to Disney Paris and I’ll be staying in the Dream Castle Hotel. Okay, I’m not really packing my Princess Dress, it’s too hot here in France for that! We’ve had lots of sunshine as well as flash storms over the last few days in various parts of the country and all the indications are for a very hot summer. At least according to my neighbour. He says that ant activity is a distinct indication that even here in the north we will have a long, good summer. I wish I could believe him but he’s been saying that for the last ten years that I’ve known him and is very rarely right! We’ve had some truly lovely sunsets though and the French saying “Rouge le soir, bel espoir, Rouge le matin, de la pluie en chemin” (Red at night, great hope, Red in the morning, rain on the way) has certainly been true.

All of my animals are feeling very lazy in this heat apart from Dickie Duck and Fred the goose who have for some reason taken a real dislike to each other all of a sudden. They are in separate pens since their ladies are nesting but they stand at the fence staring at each other and now again lunge at each other. The dogs can’t even be bothered to bark at the shenanigans like they usually do. They have a tin bath full of water in their pen and every now and again they get in and cool down!

Next Sunday 21 June is the Summer Solstice, the first official day of summer, the longest day of the year in the northern Hemisphere and the date for the Fete de la Musique when concerts take part all over France in streets and buildings and its all free!

With best wishes,

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