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Here in France we’ve been through a bit of a cold spell the last week. Even in the normally not too frosty south, my friends have been complaining of below zero temperatures. I quite like it when it’s cold out. After several years here, I’ve got the hang of making sure there’s enough wood that the fire is kept going every day to warm the house up. Though I find nothing remotely romantic about chopping and storing wood, a wood fire with bright orange flames is mesmerising on a cold night. The dogs sleep on cushions in front of the fire lazily watching the dancing colours and the cats curl up on the hearth or on my lap. I had three cats sitting on me at the same time on Wednesday night, there’s really only room for one but they squash, squeeze, push and wriggle until they’re satisfied there’s enough of me to go round.

I learned a new French expression this week from my friend Lydie who emailed me to tell me about a biscuit shop in a town near to where I live. “I have tasted the biscuits yesterday and I almost cried: they are so good!” she said and then she added: “Je tuerai père et mère pour en manger un”. Which translates as: “I could kill father and mother to eat one”. What a charming expression (!), and one you can be sure I shall be using at every opportunity! Anyway, you probably want to know about the biscuits and I hate to let you down so, I shall go to the new shop and taste them for myself so I can tell you more – I’m good like that!

Where ever you are, whatever the weather, I wish you a very bon weekend

Bisous from France

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Contest Winners: Congrats to: Vikki Greenhill who was the winner of the gorgeous L’Esprit Francais gift box of goodies from Paris; Cynthia Hill who won the EveDamon France bag; Heather Glover who won the personalised suitcase; 5 pairs of tickets to the France Show London went to – Alan Gatling, Maggie Sawney, Laurie Fergusson, Phil Patten, Catherine Godsill.

Photo: Walking my dogs in the hills surrounding my village in the Seven Valleys, Pas de Calais. It was a chilly day but the sun filtered through the trees and made the ground go green as if it shone through a stained glass window…

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