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Newsletter from my garden in France!

bon weekend garden

Summer is in full swing here in France, it feels as though almost everyone is on holiday especially in Paris which feels quite strangely quiet! If you’re in Paris, now is a good time to go to those usually hard to get places like my favourite six historic restaurants!

The weather has been glorious in my part of northern France, very different from last year when we had the wettest August I can remember. I’ve been trying to tackle my garden, it’s more of a jungle really. When I first saw this old French farm building that I call home, I fell completely in love with the idea of a huge garden. After the suburbs of London there was something wonderful about having all this space, all that green, lush and fertile. The problem is, unless it’s controlled, all that green turns into more green. I tried letting the ducks, geese and chickens out to keep the grass down but all they wanted to do was eat the plants and leave the grass! The cats have had a field day, literally, in the long grass. They hide out and attempt to catch the wild birds. Thankfully they are not that good at it. Ginger Roger is completely deaf and rather slow (no chance), Hank Marvin He’s Always Starvin is blind in one eye and rather stupid (zero chance). Loulou and Shadow think running is beneath them so unless a bird lands right in front of them it’s not going to happen. Enry Cooper prefers flies and Winston has got too rotund to be dangerous. Besides, my three dogs, who have their own bit of the garden, always bark in greeting when a cat is about which alerts the birds.

I wish you all a very bon weekend,
Best wishes and bisous from my garden in France

ps that’s not my garden in the picture, I wish it was! It is called the garden of Diane of Poitiers, at the Chateau de Chenonceau… I dream!

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