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Newsletter from Nice May 2016



Hope you had a great week – there was plenty to celebrate with National Wine Day on 25 Mayand National Escargot Day on 24 May.  If you follow me on Facebook you’ll know I held a poll to see whether people think snails are yum or yuck – the yums totally have it!

I’ve been in Nice this past week, researching how to live the millionaire lifestyle on a budget and checking out what there is to see and do. It’s a fabulous city, the second most visited one in France (after Paris of course) and I have fallen in love with the sunshine, the colours, the vibrancy, the beaches and markets and much more.

My write-up will be in the Autumn issue of The Good Life France Magazine, and talking of that, the Summer issue is out next week and I can’t wait to share it with you! You can subscribe totally for free (that’s forever, not just now to get you to sign up, and we will never share your details). You can read and download the magazine and share it with your friends and family for free too!

Wishing you a very bon weekend
Bisous from France

Ps – if you are driving to France, fill up your fuel tank before you get here, there are issues with fuel supplies due to industrial action.

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