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Bonjour to you all,

We’ve had a “Siberian” spell this week after a really rather mild winter so far with hardly even a frost. Mid-week, overnight the temperatures dropped 16 degrees and I woke up to a  well below freezing morning, the garden was frozen solid. Unfortunately someone, me that is, had got used to the mild temperature and had forgotten to cover the outside tap on the kitchen wall. So, in a “Day After Tomorrow”-like way, the tap froze, the water inside the pipe froze, all the way into the house, so, no water in the kitchen for two days! Thankfully, when we were renovating this old farmhouse we put in a lot of insulation so the rest of the house was okay!

I love keeping chickens but this time of the year, when their water freezes too and I have to ferry buckets of water up and down the garden is not so much fun but I think they appreciate it!

There’s nothing cold about my picks from the website this week – 10 ravishingly romantic places to fall in love with in France, simply irresistible, Paris flower market, gorgeous recipes and a romantic menu full of classic French dishes that are really easy to make at home, Monet’s Garden at Giverny in pictures and loads more… hope you enjoy all the delicious features we’ve got for you.

Where ever you are, I wish you a very bon weekend from nippy Northern France,

Bisous and Best wishes,

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Pere Lachaise Cemetery: The last resting place in Paris of many famous people is an example of early French marketing expertise at work.

Living in France guides:

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