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Bonjour tout le monde!

A very big welcome to all new subscribers to our newsletter and a very big welcome back to everyone else.

Well it’s been quite a week – a sighting of the sun has had us all excited here in the Pas-de-Calais! Not sure how long its staying for mind you…

French News roundup

My most favourite story this week is the one about Bordeaux Zoo calling one of their Orang-utans DSK on account of his “voracious sexual appetite” and the very funny zoo keeper’s comments! Sadly the CEO of Bordeaux Zoo contacted us to say the story was a hoax (though it seems to have been started by the French Press!).

Dominating the news in France in the last few weeks has been the Tour de France and Brits everywhere were thrilled that Bradley Wiggins, a 32 year old Londoner, won. The first British cyclist ever to win this formidable race – congratulations to the man the French press have dubbed Le Gentleman and Wiggo!

Also in the news has been Madonna. The Material Girl has been touring Europe and used a photo of Marine Le Pen, leader of the Front National, in a series of backdrop images – in which she imposed pictures of Swastikas on Ms Le Pen’s forehead. Although repeatedly warned not to conduct such antics in France – it will be no surprise to anyone I am sure to learn that she went ahead with the offensive images at her Stade de France Paris concert. The threat of a lawsuit is pending – that woman sure knows to whip up a bit of controversy/publicity!

There have been unconfirmed reports that President Hollande and his cohort Valerie Trierweiller are “living separate lives” following her silly Tweet which upset his ex – and just about everyone in France it seems. Politicians and their ladies should be seen and not heard when it comes to private affairs… at least that’s what it feels like in France.

Finally – loads of reports about how the French have suddenly developed a taste for American burgers and are queuing for hours at American burger vans. Ha – totally out of touch reporting I’m afraid. The French have loved American burgers for ages – other than the US France has more McDonalds branches than any other country in the world!

The Good Life France too has had its fair share of excitement in the last few days!

We interviewed Lucy Wadham, author of “The Secret Life of France” – such a funny lady – read our question and answer session and the review of her book which is great.

We published a lovely story from reader Susan Keefe who moved from the UK to Le Mans to fulfil a dream and had another come true – she has written a wonderful children’s book called Toby’s Tails.

I’ve taken part in an International Fishing competition in the village with an unexpected result, judged the Seven Valleys Straw Sculpture contest, told everyone what my Dad did the first time I was out here on my own (and it doesn’t make pretty reading) and I’ve confessed that I’m struggling with the language here. You might think that they speak French in France – but not where I live – it’s the ch’tis!

We’ve got hundreds and hundreds of pages of information – places to go, things to see, how to get the most out of life in France.  We’re always open to suggestions for more content, love to feature people who live in France, have a business or service in France and guest bloggers – please contact me if you’re interested or have ideas for us.

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A bientôt
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