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Newsletter from wet and windy France!


It’s been a wet, windy and cold week chez moi in northern France. My ducks, chickens and geese have been taking shelter and snuggling up together in the warm straw under the chicken coop. Back in the summer Belle the duck hatched several eggs and was a brilliant mum and her ducklings have grown strong and bold.  One of them in particular stands out not just because he is the only male and much bigger than the rest. When I go to feed the birds in their pens, he pecks at my trousers for attention. He likes to be fed by hand and “instructs” me to find worms by tapping the buckets with his beak. When I lift them in he goes straight in for the hunt. He follows me around, tries to jump up on my shoulders, pecks me for treats and I could swear his pale blue eyes have a strangely intelligent air. I call him Einstein.

Elsewhere the Christmas festivities are in full swing here in France and I am going to four Christmas events this weekend. I’ll be kicking off with a unique Christmas experience at Nausicaa aquarium in Boulogne and ending with an equally quirky and one off event in Licques where turkeys will be rampaging in the streets!

Where ever you are in the world, whatever you have planned, I wish you a very bon weekend,

Best wishes,

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