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Hope you had a good week. Here in my part of France the weather has got much cooler, in fact we had the first frost of the season on Wednesday. Newspapers are predicting a long cold winter. I remember when I first bought my old farm house in the middle of nowhere France, the roof had huge holes in it, doors and windows were loose and the wind would howl around the house and enter through every gap. It was so cold and damp that ice would form on the inside of the windows and water would freeze in the pipes for days on end. These days it’s a lot better as we’ve renovated and used as much insulation material as possible without actually creating a whole other house from it!

All week we’ve been chopping wood to fuel the fire for winter, its old wood that’s nicely dried out but needs to be cut into more manageable chunks to be effective. It’s not a job for the faint hearted or feeble. My other half chops and I stack and I’ve learned not to look too closely at the spiders that stare up at me, camouflaged against the bark. Enry Cooper who is the boss of cats (in his opinion) sits on the roof of the wood store, staring at the humans who work so hard to keep him warm and dry. I don’t think I detect gratitude to be honest. Cats don’t really do appreciation on the whole.

Enjoy all the fab new features on the website this week and have a very bon weekend,

Bisous from France

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