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Nuit des Musees – The Night of the Museums France 2014

Every year on the Saturday night closest to 18 May, it is the Night of the Museums France (Nuits des Musées in French).

On this one night, museums, art galleries and cultural venues all over France (and all around Europe) open for an exceptional evening of events. From the early evening until midnight or even into the next morning, fantastic venues across the country will open their doors to the public for free.

Find out what’s on in a town, village or city near you via the Nuits des Musées website (below).

If you are in Paris then you will be in for a treat as the Louvre will open exceptionally from 18.00 – 0.00. Or how about the National Library of France with its museum of coins, medals and antiques, the Orangery Museum in the Jardins des Tuileries, the wonderful museum of the history of Paris, the Carnavalet will put on a theatrical show in the gardens that evening.

Hundreds of museums and world class venues will host shows, bands and special exhibitions for the night. Some will light the exhibits by candle light to add to the atmosphere of this special event.

Website: www.nuitdesmusees.culture.fr

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