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October Newsletter (No. 1)

Bonjour tout le monde and happy October to you all.

I’ve struggled to find time for everything in the last couple of weeks and have a very good reason for it (I hope you’ll agree!)… after 8 years of renovating my old wreck of a French farmhouse, we are down to the last two rooms – the kitchen and its new extension, read more in my blog “The end is in sight…” and click on the link for more of my blogs from Twizy cars to horrifying the neighbours by asking to go hunting!

While I’ve been busy painting TGLF published lots of really great articles and here’s a quick round up of our real life experience stories:

Marilyn from London talks about what it’s like to be married to a French man in “Vive la Difference” – it’s one of the most romantic stories we’ve had so far…

Talking of romance – we also featured Lynn from Minnesota whose life was changed after a chance meeting with a friend’s brother on holiday in Paris – lovely story and a truly lovely couple…

Expat Brits Lynn and Ron Stone told us about the cat refuge they’ve set up in Tarn-et-Garonne – it’s been hugely successful but of course they always need more people to adopt their cats and kittens so check them out …

In the news: Science week! French scientists discover prehistoric French men “invented” cartoons and there’s a utterly brilliant video to prove it and an unrelated group of French scientists say that proposing to ladies outside flower shops will encourage a more favourable result. 100 year old French cyclist sets a record and guess what… French scientists are studying him to see how he does it!

Features:  Radio Paris Chanson our terrific partner with a great French sound picked a video for us to showcase the best of French Music – Charles Aznavour – magnifique; and we tell you how to make the most of Nuit Blanche in Paris – coming up this weekend.

Locally: we went shopping in Le Touquet and found it amazingly chic and stylish from coloured sugar and a man who makes the most amazing marshmallow sculptures, to locally made chocolate, fabulous china and a listed art deco market.  We also saw the Patrouille de France give a display over the beaches of Le Touquet – check out our video – it’s awesome!

We visited the little museum at Berck-sur-Mer and found a surprisingly nice collection with some wonderful paintings and glass sculptures that blew us away.

We told you about a wonderful and authentic French soup festival coming up on 28 October in Pas-de-Calais – at under an hour’s drive from Calais – you could do a day trip from the UK with no problem!

There’s loads more in our fabulous webmag The Good Life France – we update the content daily so you’ll always find something to keep you interested.

Please pass us on to your friends and family – we love to meet new people!

A Bientôt
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