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Oh la la – an indecent proposal in Cannes

You’re a gorgeous actress and lingerie model having Your Moment on the red carpet.  The cameras are on you, the press are calling out questions, your make up, hair and dress are perfect when… a lunatic millionaire Frenchman launches himself at you.

At first you think this is a set-up, especially since you are promoting a film with Keith Lemon a comedian known for his pranks.

But then, horror of horrors you realise – this is for real.  The lunatic Frenchman whom you later discover is called Frederic is actually offering you a cheque for a million Euros to spend a night with him in front of everyone.  Quelle horreur!

This is what happened to poor Kelly Brook as she posed in Cannes with Lemon whose film she appeared in. Fortunately a bodyguard realised it was not a prank and evicted the loved-up eccentric millionaire from the scene and Miss Brook, trooper that she is, carried on her pouting and cooing with hardly a hair out of place – what a gal!

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