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Hope you had a good week. Here in my little corner of northern France it’s still quite warm and I’ve even got blossom on my apple tree! It’s had my neighbour scratching his head. He was quite sure that we would have a long hard winter starting in October. Over a cup of coffee with the consistency of mud in his farmhouse kitchen he told me that the signs are there. The storks that took up residence in the woods down the road have flown their (huge) nest. The mice have made their way into his barn in droves. I don’t like to burst his weather forecasting bubble by reminding him that he says this every year when the harvesting of the maize is on which makes all the animals go on the move. (And if you’re wondering, yes the mud coffee kept me awake all night).

The British have a reputation for talking about the weather all the time but the French are the same and it’s a great “meeting point”. Yesterday I passed a house which had a bag of kindling (the French call it petit bois, it’s for starting a wood fire) tied to a post outside and the sign “a vendre 2 Euros”, half the price of that in the shops. So I stopped the van, knocked on the door and the lady who answered had a very strong local accent, hard for me to understand. We spoke in short easy word sentences “5 sacs sil vous plait” and then concentrated on the rain! “Pfff” she said pointing at the sky “il pleut”. “Pfff” I said nodding sagely, “comme toujours”. It’s enough to make friends I find.

I’m starting work on a feature about banking in France for expats – so if you’ve got a question you want answered, feel free to email me and I’ll do my best to get you an answer. The article will be coming up in the spring issue of The Good life France Magazine. Actually if you have any questions about expat life whether it’s buying property, finance, administration – feel free to mail me, I’ve got a team of expert contacts ready and willing to help you!

With best wishes and bisous from France
Bon Weekend

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