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Paris, Part Time by Lisa Baker Morgan

Book cover of Paris, Part Time by Lisa Baker MorganLisa Baker Morgan, the author of this memoir is a talented and accomplished woman on several levels. She graduated with a degree in English Literature from the University of Southern California. She has a Juris Doctorate and a culinary degree from Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts. She’s an author and has a travel and food blog. Recently divorced with two young daughters, at the age of 38, she took a holiday to Monaco which, by a cruel twist of fate left her fighting for her life in hospital. It was the catalyst for a new chapter of her life.

How determination and passion can make a dream come true!

Lisa had  been in love with France since high school. When she graduated her father gifted her a plane ticket to Europe.  She budget-backpacked through several countries – first stop Paris….

Fast forward and this determined woman juggles visits to France with her daughters alongside a busy and full social life in Los Angeles.

Throughout her travels France, she portrays for her reader not only the beauty and diversity of the land and seascapes but also the friendliness of its inhabitants. Her friendships with French families gives her a real insight into their culture and traditions one of which celebrates gastronomy and incorporates delicious food into everyday life. Living in France as I have done for the last 16 years,  I see the friendly café culture and true joie de vivre on a daily basis and this book captures the experience well.

At the beginning of the book, Lisa spends her time holidaying in France. But eventually, she fulfills her long held dream to buy a property in Paris. She splits her time between the City of Light and Los Angeles. This juggling act is interesting to read. And as non-American, I found added enjoyment in reading about her life in America.

For those considering purchasing in France, this book contains a plethora of information about the purchasing process. Lisa also covers commonly made mistakes when renovating properties. Plus, as a Cordon Bleu graduate and chef, she shares twenty-five wonderful recipes for the reader to try.

Brought alive by lovely photographs, the author’s love of France and Paris is apparent on every page of her story. Through her descriptive writing, in which she shares her feelings and thoughts, the essence of this wonderful country, from quaint villages to magnificent chateaux, France, its gastronomy, culture, and traditions are laid before you to enjoy.

This is one for those who love to read about as well as look at fabulous photos of France.

Available from Amazon and many online book stores.

French bookworm is an author and professional book reviewer who lives in the Pays de la Loire, France…

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