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Perfect prints of Paris restaurants

Paris is known for many things: the city of love and of light, home to the iconic Eiffel Tower – one of the most photographed buildings in the world – and Paris is especially famous for its restaurants.

Many restaurants of Paris are remarkable representatives of the city. They are places where legendary artists, politicians, celebrities, historic figures and royalty have dined. Momentous events have taken place in Paris restaurants – Napoleon and Benjamin Franklin favoured Le Procope, Coco Chanel loved Le Grand Vefour. Emotional connections are made over great food in Paris’ great restaurants. As writer Ernest Hemingway once said “Paris is a moveable feast” – and its restaurants are famous throughout the world.

An artist who captures the essence of Paris’ restaurants

Artist John Donahue is a man with a mission. In 2015 he began a project to create ink drawings of all of New York’s restaurants. It’s an ambitious project. One that will keep Donahue, former editor of the New Yorker magazine, busy for a very long time. He decided early on to donate a percentage of sales to those struggling in the hospitality industry. Art with a heart.

Undaunted by the scale of his aims, Donahue also decided to draw many of the restaurants, cafés and bistros of Paris. His work, black and white pen and ink, with a single or double splash of colour, perfectly captures the soul of the historic restaurants. He created a book of his drawings which is also a guide: A Table in Paris: The Cafés, bistros and brasseries of the World’s Most Romantic City. In it he shares top tips, wonderful descriptions, anecdotes and reviews – all illustrated with his signature pen and ink drawings. And now they are available as prints…

Paris restaurant prints

Donahue’s signed, limited-edition restaurant Paris prints are on museum-quality paper. They’re perfect for food and Paris lovers and make wonderful gifts for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries or just about any occasion for that special Francophile you know.

The prints come in two sizes 9×12 ($95) and 5×7 ($55). They are a feast for the eyes, bring back memories, inspire travel yearnings and dreams of gastronomic adventures.

Angelina Tea Room, famous or its hot chocolate. Café de Flore, former stomping ground of Allbert Camus and Picasso. Le Jules Verne on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower. Le Procope, the oldest café in Paris in continuous operation. There are more than 100 prints featuring the most famous, best loved eateries in Paris.

Every print is carefully made and signed. And every order comes with a unique link for a custom gift sheet with the drawing and some text about the series. This can be instantly downloaded, printed at home, and tied with a ribbon as a placeholder until the actual prints arrive.

Find out more and order your Paris print at:

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