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Pet Friendly Car Hire in France

If you’re planning a holiday or long trip and you have a beloved pet – you may well want to take them along for the ride. If you’re hiring a car for your trip, then these helpful tips about pets and hire cars will help you…

Are dogs allowed in hire cars?

We know that your pet is part of your family and you may want them to join you on your travels. The majority of car hire agents will allow pets in their vehicles, as long as you adhere to their terms and conditions, largely related to keeping the car clean and looked after. For the majority of responsible pet owners this is not a problem.

Often the car rental agents that allow pets in their hire cars rarely advertise the fact, so it can be hard to find the information you are after. The best advice is, when making your booking – check with the specific agent’s terms and conditions.

The main concern a car rental agent will have is in relation to the cleanliness of the car when you return it. An additional valeting fee could be applied if the car requires more than a reasonable amount of cleaning after your rental. Be aware that if your dog, or any pet, causes “unreasonable damage” to your hire vehicle then an excess fee will be charged and you will be liable for any costs to repair the car. With that in mind we have compiled some top tips to help look after your vehicle when travelling with a pet.

Top tips for looking after your rental car when travelling with a pet:

Use a seat protector, or a blanket, to stop excess dog hair on the seats.

Take care when getting the dog in and out of the vehicle to avoid damaging the paintwork.

Make sure your dog is carefully strapped in a safe position such as a crate. Smaller pets should also be placed in a suitable transportation box.

Thoroughly vacuum the car after use.

Ensure the car smells fresh for the next user.

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