Everything You Want to Know About France and More...

Places to go

France is divided into 22 regions – and each of them has its own history, culture, gastronomy, charm and customs.    Year after year, France tops the list of most visited countries in the world and people come from all corners of the globe to enjoy the many pleasures that France has to offer.

France has a diverse landscape and climate, beautiful scenery, amazing architecture, fine dining and fabulous wine and champagne.

You could lie on a wonderful beach, visit a chateau such as Fontainebleau near Paris, shop in the chicest of cities, ski down a mountain, sample the smelliest cheese in the world or simply sit on the terrace of a lovely old café sipping a beer or coffee and watch the world go by…

Here is our guide to each of the 22 regions of France and we hope that it helps you choose a place to visit (or indeed move to) in France to suit your mood, your wallet and your appetite!

We also give you details of the most visited sites in France which we compiled with help from data provided by the National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE) as well as our own knowledge of popular sites in France which weren’t included on the INSEE data including our update  on the top ten attractions of Paris.

We’d love to hear from you if you’d like to propose a candidate for an alternative best places to go list that might not be so popular – at the moment!

Bon Vacances!

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