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Provence Autumn Tour | Photography and Provencal lifestyle

Fountain in a cobbled square in autumn with russet hued leaves on a plane tree

Capture the fall colours of Provence on camera and experience the true Provençal lifestyle on a unique and fabulous tour.

Autumn is a season of warmth and vibrance in southern France. The “vineyards shimmer with golden rays. Ruby red vine leaves climb ancient stone walls under an azure blue sky” says Emily Durand of Your Private Provence. It’s the perfect time to take a photography course and to experience real Provence without the crowds.

Fall Photography Tour

Views through arched doors overlooking Provence countryside and vineyards

From Medieval and Roman architecture to croissants, cafés and gourmet food colorful vineyards leading to secret chapels and authentic hilltop villages join this sensory tour and nourish your soul and your creative vibes.

Your hosts Emily Durand and international award winning photographer Raina Stinson, both Americans who have lived in Provence for many years and know its secrets and special places. But this is no ordinary photography tour. Though you don’t need any special equipment, whatever camera you use is fine, be it a mobile phone camera of DSLR. And the tour is suitable for every level of photography from beginner to professional. Raina will introduce you to contemplative photography. It’s about seeing beauty in every day scenes, whatever our circumstances. The colours of a vegetable stall at market, the way the light falls, the texture of an ancient wall. It’s about seeing things with fresh eyes, discovering hidden gems, the authentic. A window into the soul of Provence…

Slow Travel small group tour

White stone chateau on a hill in Grignam, Drome, southern France

Slow travel is about the big and the small. It’s about weaving together the must-see sites with the details. It’s about walking in the footsteps of pilgrims as you tread the worn stone slabs of a 12th century church. Or entering a Roman arena and catching sight of a beacon of light piercing the stone arches.

You’ll visit Avignon with its Palace of the Popes and the Chateau de Grignan in one of the official most beautiful villages in France. Discover the exquisite villages of Vaison-la-Romaine with its beautiful Roman bridge and captivating Crestet. You’ll meet artisans and go foraging for herbs in beautiful Brantes then have a cookery lesson at a quaint village house. Picnic on a cliff watching vultures fly above. Visit a beautiful abbey and fall head over heels for lovely medieval villages with cobbled streets, fountains and castles. Visit vineyards and enjoy wine tasting sessions. Take a walk in the glorious countryside around the Provence mountains and visit a traditional flea market.

Provence will forever be captured not only in your heart but also in your artistic eye.

Luxury accommodation and fabulous restaurants

Vineyards in Provence in autumn, red and gold leafed vines in the sun

Your home will be on a beautiful estate at a medieval priory and family-run wine estate. It’s tucked away in a UNESCO-protected Nature Reserve in the heart of Provence. And yes, you will be invited to enjoy their multi-award winning wines as you sit in the sun and contemplate the stunning scenery. You’ll dine at traditional bistros and charming restaurants and enjoy a true taste of Provence.

Expertly designed to embrace the slow travel, contemplative approach, this dream tour is a wonderful opportunity to see some of the most authentic and beautiful places in Provence.

Find out more and book your place on this very special tour at: yourprivateprovence.com

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