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Rain, Ghost train stations, Paris and a mystery medieval Mona Lisa!

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The last few days have seen the most enormous amounts of rain falling in my part of northern France but it is finally (fingers crossed) starting to feel a bit spring-like and goodness knows in this part of France we could certainly do with some drier weather.

The snowdrops are out, daffodils have big but still closed flower heads, trees are starting to sprout and the sun has made an occasional foray through the ominous dark grey clouds that seem to be stuck above us.

My five cats have renewed their efforts to hide in order to avoid going out – I found Ginger Roger in my bathroom in a cupboard at one point! The poor dogs are not enjoying this rain at all, even Bruno the stray who was quite used to being out in all weathers when we found him, has developed an aversion to being cold and wet. The chickens have dug deep craters in their shelter and huddle together to keep dry but the ducks and geese are not bothered – they lark about in the rain and hailstones (no snow this year – yet) and my cream legbar girls have started to lay beautiful pale blue eggs!

As for me, I’ve not let the rain dampen my enthusiasm though I look at my poor garden and wonder when I’ll be able to get out and sew some seeds – not for a while I think. That’s okay because here at TGLF we’re busier than ever and have some wonderful features coming up and a major writing contest to launch next week.

Wishing you all well,

Top Features this week:

GiteSearch France – a few weeks ago we started hearing on the grapevine about a new gite search company that brings gite owners in France together with those who want to rent. We met with them and we’re happy to say – they have a fabulous new site and are working enormously hard and they have a great offer for gite owners – a free listing with no obligation, check out our feature and give them a go – we think you’ll be as impressed as we are…

Paris Ghost Metro stations – the abandoned metro stations in Paris may be in line for a makeover if proposals to convert them to swimming pools, theatres, art galleries and night clubs go ahead – amazing photos show what they could look like…

What does the future hold for Paris – it’s not just the Paris metro stations that are in line for an overhaul, we take a look at new developments in Paris like the Louis Vuitton foundation and the €1million renovation of Les Halles…

Chez Castillon – fate is a strange thing and sometimes it intervenes in your life when you least expect it. Take Jane and Mike Wilson, two actors from the UK. They took an early morning train from London one day and fell in love with a house in France they saw in a newspaper someone left on the train. They had never even thought about moving to France… but now they live Chez Castillon!

Don’t miss

Postcard from France Winner – What an utterly amazing response to our photo from France contest! 300 photographs were received, 5000 votes cast and a winner was found!

Cluny Museum – Linda Mathieu revisits the quirky and intimate Cluny Museum of the Middle Ages in Paris as the “medieval Mona Lisa” returns – the mystery blonde in the tapestry…

Russian Tsarinas and Nice – Margo Lestz, ever curious about her home town of Nice wondered why there were three Russian Churches in the city and uncovered an extraordinary tale of Russian nobles holidaying in the Med!

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