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Bonjour mes amies and amis – I’m off to Paris today! Then I’ll be taking a river boat cruise on the Seine to Honfleur in Normandy via Rouen  – what a great way to spend the Easter weekend in France!

As you might know, I’ve just returned from a fabulous trip to Burgundy where I did a cruise on a beautiful barge on the Canal. Having never been on a boat trip before, I’ve earned my water wings by doing two in a month! I’ll be telling you about my Burgundy barge trip, my Dijon city visit and my Paris to Honfleur boat cruise next week.

In the meantime I wish you a very Happy Easter from France where the eggs are delivered by flying bells!

Best wishes,

Top Five Features

Reasons to love France A-Z: Someone asked me what I love about France – here’s my list from art to chateaux, gateaux, cheese and champagne – what would you add?

CroisiEurope – France’s biggest river boat company, a real family success story from Susie Woodhams in Alsace…

Easter in France – American Bunnies versus French Bells: Margo Leszt compares the customs and traditions of France and the US and uncovers a strange tale of flying bells in France…

Beussent Chocolate factory: I visited a rare chocolate atelier in France, one of just three that owns their own plantation in South America and produces fabulous chocolate from the bean to the bar…

Le Crotoy, Somme Bay, Picardy: I visited the little fishing village that time forgot and it is gorgeous…

Gourd Festival in Nice: In Nice, southern France they say “A home without a gourd is like an empty nest”, so Margo Leszt, expat in Nice, visits a vibrant gourd festival in the hills above Nice to buy one!

Don’t Miss

Burgundy Wine: Wine expert L M ?Archer explains the different regions and wines of the famous region

Roissy en France, the town with an airport in its back garden! Retired ex pilot turned writer, Bob Lyons re-visits the town that hosts the world to see what there is to do if you have a day to spare before your fight…

Visiting a French Cemetery: Evelyn Jackson says you can learn about a town’s culture and past by visiting cemeteries as she uncovers a ghastly story in a little Provencal town…

Cannes Film Festival: Is it all binge and bling? M Reza Amirinia looks far deeper and finds beneath the celebrity hype, the influences of the festival are more highbrow…

My French Life blog!

My brief encounter in Paris: I sat at Gare de Lyon waiting for a connection when a strange man sat next to me in an almost empty café – but my conclusions were completely wrong!

Gloria the Goose walks again – If any of you have known me a while, you know I love my chickens, ducks and geese. I thought I would lose Gloria who couldn’t walk but – hurrah, a happy ending!

Gimpy the chicken: Another fowl story, this time Gimpy who has a bad hip and has been re-coop-erating in the chicken infirmary!

Talking French in France: It can be hard for expats to learn French in France but there are ways round it I’ve found!

Guides and Travel

Pays de la Loire – Sarah Patterson gives an overview of this lovely region with its beautiful beaches and wonderful vineyards and a whole lot more…

Ferry offers – save money by buying frequent travel tickets: All the ferry companies who operate the Dover-Calais/Dunkirk route offer great discounts if you buy a book of tickets ranging from 5 to 24 plus tickets. If you  cross the Channel regularly – it might be worth checking out and, even better, you might be able to transfer the tickets to friends and family…

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