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Retirement in France

Retirement in France

If you decide to leave your home country and retire to France you should make sure that you know about crucial issues that will affect you.  We’re assuming that you have already put in place a passport and any necessary visas to enable you to live in France but there are several other key factors that you need to consider such as health.

France does not offer free health care and you will need to make sure that you have an appropriate health policy in place.

Depending on which country you are retiring from a good place to start is the Government website for your country in France to help you make the most of  your new life living in France. Most Governments provide this service and have helpful information which is relevant to the citizens of their country.

For those from the UK, the UK In France Government website provides helpful information as follows:

Be clear about your financial situation. For example, find out about tax liability in the UK, social security benefits and National Insurance contributions, and get a pension forecast. Useful websites include the Department for Work and Pensions; HM Revenue and Customs; and GOV.UK. You can also find out whether offshore banking is appropriate.

When you arrive, register with the local authorities and get a residence permit. You can also register with the local British embassy.

Get a French bank account.

Sort out insurance to cover medical requirements.

You’ll want to tell your friends and family, but you also need to inform the authorities such as HM Revenue and Customs, National Insurance and the Department for Work and Pensions.

Make sure your car is in line with local regulations and you have the necessary driving permit.

Make a will.

Try to learn the language before you go.

See the UK in France Government website for full details

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