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Review of DREAM IT, DO IT… “Why not?”

Book cover Dream it, Do, Why not by Sara VerrallA tale of embracing life and new adventures in the south of France…

Many people would like to follow their dreams, but not everyone has the courage to. Author Sara Verrall, decides to do just. This leads her to action packed, ongoing adventures in the south of France as told in her book DREAM IT, DO IT: “Why not?”

Moving to St Nazaire de Ladarez, a little village in the hills, with her two black cats Fred and Barney, she embraced her new life totally. This is not an easy thing to do. It’s hard putting yourself out there in a different country. Alone. Learning a different language. But, it’s the only way to truly become part of your new community.

Verrall gives her readers a wonderful insight into the beautiful area she has chosen to live in. Not only the lovely beaches which the south is known for, the vineyards, wonderful countryside seeped in history, but also the little villages and the River Orb with its tree clad cliffs and tiny beaches.

However, living permanently in France means that there is no getting around the day to day requirements. Those ‘must do’s’ which you can’t hide from. Like shopping, doctors, conversations with neighbours and strangers. As Verrall says “Alone, in a new country, I started talking to my cats as you can’t phone home every day. I was beginning to question “if nobody hears your tales, did they really happen?”All of these we discover are very daunting when you’re very enthusiastic, but not terribly good at French yet. Forced to overcome her shyness she forced herself to learn French and to join in the life of her new  neighbours. Hats off to her as she bravely deals with every event and embraces learning the language, which automatically endears her to the locals, and as we discover, they will always try to help you if you try too, and they are very encouraging.

Visitors to any region of France in some seasons, wonder where the people are. When you are a resident, it doesn’t matter how small your village is, you soon realise that there’s always a lot going on. From the local fetes, to the countrywide events like the ‘Fete de Musique,’ and even bingo, and the after-Christmas Town hall event in the village hall. There’s always something to look forward to. Competitions, Telethons, it’s all there on your doorstep. Verrall invites her readers into her community so you really get a feel for the camaraderie which thrives there.

You’ll discover regional specialities like the local pastry Avelano, and the legend which goes with it. Learn how to recognise if a village is Roman. Explore alongside the author the history and culture, incredible scenery, friendly people, and traditions. Verrall merges them together to make this book an incredible read.

But her story is not over. She decides to downsize, and move nearer to coast. Marseillan magic begins to weave its spell. And in this pretty coastal town with its lovely beach, even romance is blossoming….

Whether you want to ‘live the dream,’ enjoy reading about adventures, love France, or just want settle down with a really good, funny book, then this book will be perfect.

Highly recommended. Available from Amazon and from dreamitdoit.fr

French bookworm is an author and independent book reviewer.

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